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Snoring and Pregnancy

Being pregnant has its own implications. Pregnancy brings about a number of changes in the body of a woman. There can be fluctuations in the blood pressure, changes in the way a woman eats etc. And there are also a number of medical conditions that she might be subjected to on account of being pregnant. So it is very important that due care of the mother is taken during pregnancy to ensure that her and the child’s health is normal.

One of the implications of pregnancy is snoring. Normally, it has been reported that snoring takes place in the last 3 months of the entire episode. But a lot of doctors believe that it is limited to the last month only. The reasons as to why women have to suffer from this condition are not known properly. But it has been hypothesized that this problem is temporary and passes away gradually. Some scientists believe that it is on account of the fact that a woman gains a lot of weight in the last 3 months and hence she is forced into snoring.

Other people believe that snoring during pregnancy can also occur on account of the body having to undergo so many changes at the same time. There are a number of anatomical changes that are forced into the body of the mother while she is pregnant. Due to her hump, she cannot sleep in any position she likes and has to lie down on her back only. Now women who are not accustomed to this can have a lot of problem getting used to the position and thereby have a lot of trouble sleeping in this position. Lack of sleep can lead to a lot of lethargy and a lot of laziness which in turn may result into the mother snoring away in her sleep.

Even though it may seem to be a minor problem, snoring can have a lot of implication. Lack of oxygen supply may be harmful to the health of the growing baby. In fact, if the foetus is not able to get enough oxygen, it can undergo malformations too. Hence it is very important to ensure that a pregnant mother is cured of her problem of snoring. Snoring is also very irritating to the person sleeping next to her and this can make both of them feel irritable and lethargic the next day. It is therefore advised that the problem of snoring be dealt with in the most urgent manner and immediate steps be taken to ensure that one is cured.

A lot of herbal medications are available in the markets which prove to be a lot effective in dealing with this problem. And being natural in their origins, they have minimal Side effects on the baby too. There are nasal sprays and drops available which help in ensuring that the mother is able to have a sound good night's sleep and ensure the well being of the kid and herself. So if your wife or any loved one is suffering from this problem, make sure to tell them about the various things they need to do for their own benefit.

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