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Snoring is not such a big problem that can not be cured. Just a little attention towards you and a search of a good doctor can make you sleep well as well as your bed partner. In case of snoring snorer is not the single sufferer but the bed partner too suffers a lot. Sometimes it happens that the snorer sleep himself but another person spend sleepless nights because of him. Snoring problem should not be treated as a common thing or just a daily problem which happens to everyone but it is a special kind of sleeping disorder which can create many problems for you. When it happens because of Obstructive sleep apnea it becomes more dangerous for the snorer as breathing becomes very difficult for him while sleeping.

It can start at any age but many people face the problem from long time. They suffer from chronic snoring problem. Under such condition he or she must take advice of some specialist who can guide them well. A sleep specialist can also be contacted to get good results. There are many places where sleeping disorders can be cured. One of the best places where this kind of sleeping disorder can be cured is Eastern Virginia Medical School. It is affiliated by American Academy of Sleep Medicine.

They are treating patients of sleep disorders since 1980. They are having a great experience of solving such problems as every day they search for the new and modern ways of preventing sleeping disorders. They also perform diagnostic test for finding the accurate reason that why people are suffering from sleeping disorder.

The doctors appointed at the place are pretty well educated and experienced and do not leave any stone untouched. There are doctors who know it very well that many people are afraid of surgical instruments so they avoid using those complex instrument and they always try to find the best and easiest way to solve the problem of patient. As per the condition of the patient and a complete study of his or her condition they come to the result that whether he needs some medical help or some behavioral changes can work for them. They also use some mouth pieces so that the jaw comes to the right condition while sleeping so that the person can sleep well.

There are mainly three doctors at the center who are as following:

  • Dr. Catesby Ware, he has done PhD in sleep medicine. He is also affiliated by AASM.
  • Dr. Robort D. Vorona, who is a professor in division of sleep medicine.
  • Dr. Nancy F. Fishback is also a professor in sleep medicine. She handles all work of path lab at EVMS.
  • There are two nurses too named Patricia W. Benson. Who has done masters in the science of nursing and the other one is Maria P. Winn who is also a master in nursing.
  • Jack Cherin is also one of the doctor who handle the dental department and do all work related to mouth pieces.
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