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Does Polysomnography Help Cure Snoring?

You might not have thought of it earlier, but the problem of snoring can quite seriously affect you. First of all, when you snore, you disturb people who sleep with you in the same room. The might not be getting enough sleep to and this might be affecting their schedule as lot. Further, you may have never though of it but if you let your problem of snoring get away for a ling time, you might even die. Yes, it’s true! Snoring does not allow you to sleep and also has a distinctive effect on the amount of air you are able to breathe in. The major reason as to why you may be snoring in the first place is the fact that your nasal passage may be blocked. This in turn could lead to be an obstruction in the free passage of air to your lungs and lead to you not getting enough oxygen. And if you are wise, you can do rest of the math yourself.

A lot of theories have been suggested and have been said to be the main causative reason behind this problem. Many scientists belief that the main reason a person suffers from snoring is because he or she has a malformed nasal structure. There may be an anatomical difference or a physiological one. That is to say that either the bone structure might be different or the tissue alignment might not be upto the mark. However, there is a certain section of the medical world which has come up with fresh answers regarding the real reasons as why snoring occurs. They say that snoring is much of a lifestyle problem of a lot of people rather than being classified as a physiological abnormality.

In other words, there are nascent factors which affect a lot of people in their daily lives, the repercussions of which are shown by the body in the form of snoring. It can be smoking or excess work load or a rising cholesterol levels. There are a lot of chances that people who take sleeping pills for a sound sleep suffer from snoring too. This because of the fact that such pills depress the CNS and the respiratory threshold is diminished. The oxygen potential of the body is diminished and the person ends up gasping for breath.

In order to understand the real reasons as to why people actually suffer from the problem of snoring, the best way is to get diagnosed for this problem. Laboratory analysis by a trained physician is able to throw light on the real reasons behind the causative factors. A number of techniques are used for this purpose which includes poly-somnography and a complete analysis of the medical history of the person. People who want to be treated of their problem of snoring are advised to take precautions like avoiding fatty foods, avoiding alcohol and other medications etc. It may seem like a normal problem at first, but if not treated immediately, it, may develop into something really serious.

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