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ADHD, Snoring and Flu - Can You Connect?

If your child has been behaving in an irregular manner lately, you should probably get him checked up. There are chances that he or she may be diagnosed with ADHD. While the ailment itself is common, the symptoms are hard to miss. It is common for a lot of growing up kids to be suffering from this ailment. But what is more important is the fact that if it is not dealt with at an early age, it can prove to be a lot harmful in the future.

The main reason of this is the fact that the causative factors may worsen in the future and aggravate the condition of the child. There may sleeplessness, eating disorders, weight loss, lack of concentration, lethargy etc. So it is better that you get to the root of the problem and nullify it rather than wait for the problem to take its own course in time.

One of the major symptoms as well as causes of ADHD has been ruled to be snoring; this ailment affects a lot of individuals over the world and has a bad reputation of being responsible for a lot of common ailments in different people. Snoring causes ADHD on account of the fact that it does not allow the child to get a full night’s sleep. This result in the child not being able to rest properly and thereby feeing tired the next day too.

If this pattern continues over a period of weeks, the body is going to get accustomed to it ad may not only allow the child to sleep, thereby leading to sleeplessness. Snoring also leads to a number of respiratory problems. It is more related to the reasons as to why snoring occurs.

Children are allergic to a lot of things due to the fact that they have sensitive bodies. Even a pollen grain can trigger harmful chain reactions in their bodies which may lead to deadly consequences. Similarly, snoring occurs on account of the fact that there are underlying medical conditions in the body of a child, it may be due to his or her tonsil problem or due to the inflammation of the adenoid glands in the throat. Whatever be the reason, the enlargement of glands put undue pressure on the throat and the vocal chord muscles which are not able to function properly. As a result, while they breathe, the air is not able to pass in and out properly, leading to obstructive breathing or snoring.

It is very important to take the problem of snoring seriously in the diagnosis of ADHD. The reason as to why this is being stressed upon is that it is one of the most visible symptoms and if it is not taken care of, it may lead to complications in the future. If your child is not able to get a good night's sleep, he or she will not be able to concentrate in his school the next day. As a result, they will not be able to understand half the things taught as they will be sleeping half the time. So take this problem seriously and go visit a good child specialist to get an answer to all your concerns.

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