Snoring Aids Expert Reviews: Choosing the Best Anti Snoring Device


Is there something keeping you from getting a good night’s sleep? Is it impacting your daily life? Is snoring the problem?

Ask yourself these questions:

Do you wake up feeling like you didn’t get so much as a single minute of rest?

Do you get tired quickly during the day, particularly in the afternoon?

Have you lost some of your mental clarity?

Do you feel older than you think you should?

Has your sex drive become a thing of the past?

If you answered yes to any or all of those questions then you may be suffering from the effects of snoring.

Over the years, doctors and scientists have discovered that snoring reduces your sex drive, impairs mental function, promotes daytime sleepiness, and can even cause relationship issues.

I know how you feel because I had a very serious snoring problem too. However, once I did some research into why my quality of life had slipped so far and realized that snoring was to blame I began trying every snoring solution I could get my hands on.

That was a major turning point in my life and today can be a turning point in your life too.

You can put an end to your snoring problem and take back your life

You don’t have to keep fighting the effects of snoring anymore.  You don’t have to go through what I did though.

I’ve been there, done that, made the mistakes and put what I’ve learned here so that you don’t have to find out the hard way. I lost a lot of time and a lot of money finding the right snoring aid for me, but you can learn from my mistakes.

Overview: Which Anti-Snoring Aid is the Best?

Effective aids are available; the problem is that most people do not know which one is really right for them. You’ll find the right snoring solution for you faster and more efficiently by reading what I have to say.

That being said, the main types of snoring solutions are:


oral-appliancesThe first choice and most useful device on the market today is themouthpiece.They are known to work well, have little to no negative side effects, and some are even proven in clinical settings before they come to the market.

Mouthpieces are one of the oldest and most developed kinds of snoring aids. Doctors, dentists, and designers have had a lot of time to get the kinks worked out. This is definitely a good thing for you.

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Chin Straps

snoring-chin-strapChin straps are one of the older types of snoring solutions and they are similar in function to a jaw retaining mouthpiece. This is a very simple device. Typically, it goes under your chin and around the back or top of your head. They are often made of nylon, neoprene, or similar materials.

With this kind of snoring solution the material used is mainly what dictates how comfortable the chinstrap is. While this solution can be effective for some people there are a number of problems to watch out for as well.

None of them are dangerous, but if the device fails to do its job then what’s the point?

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sona-pillowOne kind of snoring solution that has come and gone many times is the anti-snoring pillow.

With this kind of snoring solution the goal of the pillow is to position your head and body in such a way that your airway is kept open as much as possible and free of obstructions.

Basically, anti-snoring pillows just try to position everything perfectly. However, this idea is better in theory than it is in the real world. There are a few anti-snoring pillows that seem to be mediocre in function, but for the most part they are a letdown.

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Nasal Devices

max-conesAnti-snoring nasal devices are a very hit or miss thing. There is a variety of nasal devices available ranging from adhesive strips to insert-able nasal cones.

They can help people who snore because of nasal obstructions, but if you do not fit into this category then you are out of luck. The only other real use for nasal products is when you are sick.

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CPAPIf you have never had to experience sleeping with a full CPAP setup, then you are lucky. This is one system that does work, but users of it tend to be very unhappy with it.

CPAP stands for continuous positive airway pressure. This system was developed to treat sleep apnea, which is sometimes referred to as OSA.

Using a CPAP system to prevent snoring is a bit like buying a new car because you have a flat tire. It’s just overkill. However, for those afflicted with OSA sometimes there is no other choice.

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Sprays and Pills

pills-spraysYes, there are medications on the market that are made to keep you from snoring. They may not be exactly what you are thinking of though.

These are not prescription medications that have been extensively studied, tested, and proven to be effective. Anti-snoring medications are usually homeopathic remedies and come in the form of a spray or pill. These sprays and pills usually aim to either reduce inflammation, thin mucus, or both.

The problem is that they do not address the main reasons most people snore. Solutions of this type can be useful if you are sick or you are snoring because of allergies. Beyond that, their usefulness is limited.

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surgeryThere are a variety of different surgical procedures available that are intended to eliminate or reduce snoring. Some are more effective than others, but this mainly depends on your specific situation.

Surgical procedures like these are typically aimed at reducing the size of any structures in or around the airway that have been deemed too large. For the right person, surgery may be a good option.

Surgeries of this nature tend to be a last resort for those with a serious problem, and for good reason. They do not come without risks.

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Alternative Devices

magicWith the growth of the Internet in recent years it has become easier and easier for people to sell just about anything they want.

While this has led to an abundance of quality products and solutions to problems, it has also led to more scams and junk products. The good news is that they are easy to spot.

Things like anti-snoring watches and anti-snoring rings are some of the most frequently seen solutions that fall into this category. If a snoring solution cannot be proven to work then chances are it doesn’t.

Solutions in this category fail to provide proof that they do in fact work. Many of them make miraculous claims and provide intricate theories about how they work but the sad truth is that they often do not work at all. I recommend avoiding any snoring solution that falls into this category.

Just to clarify, generally any snoring solution that does not fit into the categories above is pretty much useless, but you’ll see why soon enough.

My Choice is Mouthpiece

oral-appliancesTypically a mouthpiece is one of the most effective snoring solutions available.

These devices can give you virtually instant relief, so long as you choose a high quality one that suits your situation.

You’ll know how to choose one that’s right for you by the time you’re done reading here.

When it comes to snoring treatments, mouthpieces are actually in a class of their own. There really is nothing else like them and you’ll see why soon.

However, it is important to know that there are different kinds of them on the market. Both are made to help keep you from snoring, but one works much better than the other.

There are two main kinds of oral devices that may assist in preventing snoring but they do this in different ways:

The first is called a  Jaw Retaining or Mandibular Advancement Device (MAD).

The second is called a Tongue Retaining or Tongue Retaining Device (TRD).

Tongue holders actually are quite different from jaw retainers, but they will be covered soon in their own section below.

Jaw Retaining Mouthpieces: To Jaw, Or Not To Jaw, That Is the Question

how-mad-worksThese devices move your jaw to help you quit snoring. When you sleep it is very easy for gravity to pull your jaw towards your throat and this obstructs your airway.

You are even more likely to experience this if you sleep on your back. All this kind of solution does is position your jaw so that it is less likely to obstruct your airway.

Typically they move your jaw forward to solve this. This is a very simple device but there are a few things to watch out for.

Fitting Process

Many MAD’s have the same fitting process. Typically the use the old boil and bite fitting process.

If you aren’t familiar with the boil and bite fitting process, you just drop the device into a pot of boiling water to soften it. Then you take it out and let it come down to a safe temperature.

All you have to do after that is put it in your mouth and bite down. This causes the material to mold to your teeth. Anytime you see the word thermoplastic mentioned there is a boil and bite fitting process involved.

Not Sexy and You Know It

Device that reposition your jaw are not glamorous either. Most people with a gag reflex can choke on the device the instant they put it in.

Sometimes people cannot even relax enough to drift off to sleep with it. However, they have greatly improved recently by adding things like adjustment features and offering the MAD’s in different sizes.

The reason they work (for people who can sleep with one) is because it encourages jaw tension. It’s designed to get you to bite down on it to keep it in the proper location.

Stress of any kind at bedtime never works out well for me personally. This is one of the biggest reasons some people cannot sleep with a MAD. Again, the newer designs have improved on this though.

Side Effects

You must recognize the genuine risks that you face if you are still thinking about a MAD.

Soreness in Your Mouth

mouth-sorenessYou should expect some soreness in your jaw and mouth for the first week or two if you start using a jaw retainer.

It just takes your body a little while to get used to something else being there.

If this pain lasts longer than a week or two then you need to proceed carefully, if at all. This kind of device can cause long term jaw pain.

Jaw and Facial Pain

jaw-painMAD’s are known for causing jaw and facial pain. This is because they cause you to bite down on them while they were in.

Once you think about the way it works this is pretty obvious. The long periods of muscular tension these devices cause could lead to pain for anyone.

During sleep is when your body is intended to relax. When you don’t get a chance to rest, whether it’s one muscle or your entire body, problems start to develop.

This may not seem like a big deal to you but it certainly is. This may lead to even more issues along with changing the alignment of your face and mouth. It used to be common to develop an overbite from using a device like this.

Gag Reflex Issue

gagIf you have any kind of noticeable gag reflex you will probably not have much fun with this kind of oral device.

A lot of them, especially the cheaper ones extend all the way back to cover your molars. Needless to say, any device that goes back that far can cause problems if you have a gag reflex.

Modern Adjustable MAD’s are Safer

This kind of solution used to involve a lot more risk, but the improvements in design have really cut down the number and severity of problems people see.

Since the design of these devices has advanced so much from the originals, side effects have been becoming rarer and rarer. The improvements in materials and the newer adjustment features are what have really helped.

The safest MAD’s have an adjustment feature, preferably a micro-adjustment feature. Some modern devices even have visible measurement scales to keep track of your adjustment. Years ago this was unheard of. In fact, micro-adjustments, visible measurements, and locking mechanisms are all still fairly new developments.

The amount of adjustment a MAD offers is directly proportional to how safe it is. That doesn’t mean that a MAD without an adjustment feature will cause problems for sure, but more adjustment is definitely better than less. Just remember, the more you can customize this kind of device the safer it is.

I recommend avoiding any kind of outdated jaw holding devices for all the reasons above. Modern MAD’s are virtually free of the issues that users of older designs had to deal with. Chronic facial pain and jaw displacement problems are a thing of the past.

Do You Need a Custom Device From a Dentist?

dentistAside from the possibility that you might spend a lot of money to get and fit a custom MAD, you will find lots of real health risks that come with using an outdated one.

When I say outdated, I mean going to your dentist and getting one that looks like it would belong to a teenager with crooked teeth.

There is no reason to pay thousands of dollars to get a mass of hard plastic and wires when modern designs are readily available, work better, and can be custom fitted in your home.

Have Bruxism? Consider a Jaw Retainer!

bruxismOne thing I would like to mention before moving on is bruxism, or grinding your teeth. If you have a problem with grinding your teeth at night then a jaw holding appliance can kill two birds with one stone.

It will keep your teeth from destroying each other and it can keep you from snoring.

Just be sure to get a device that is up to current standards and has an adjustment feature.

Now it’s time to talk about a newer type of mouthpieces:

Tongue Retaining Mouthpiece or Tongue Retaining Device (TRD)

trdTRD’s are something of a second generation device. This little gadget is significantly better when compared with the jaw retaining kind.

How They Work

TRD’s work by pulling your tongue forward very gently while you sleep. There is no force placed on your jaw with one of these devices.

That is one reason why there is virtually no safety risk with this kind of mouthpiece.

One reason that TRD’s prevent snoring is because they fight the effect of gravity on your tongue.

When you are sleeping, depending on your position, gravity can cause your tongue to fall towards your throat.

This constricts your airway and can cause snoring. The gentle forward tension created by TRD prevents this kind of airway

Some people snore directly because of their tongue, but others just benefit from having their tongue moved. Repositioning your tongue the way these do can really open your airway. This makes sense because your tongue is one of the biggest things inside your mouth.

When you put the biggest thing inside your mouth in the ideal location then things will improve even if there are other factors.

Relaxation is Important for Sleep

relaxRelaxation is not something which should be overlooked when choosing a snoring solution. TRD allows you to fully relax at night because there is no need to bite down on it.

In fact, you would really have to try to bite TRD. Many of them have very little contact with your teeth.

The main reason these devices are significantly more comfortable is because they allow you to really relax.

Their effectiveness is significantly increased by this fact.

Safe and Significantly More Comfortable

safetyThere is another important reason this choice is considerably more comfortable. TRD does not fit over your teeth like a jaw retaining device. They look completely different.

This also makes them much easier to use. If it hurts to use something, even if it does everything else it is supposed to, it gets hard to use after a while. This is even more important for things that you use while you are sleeping.

TRD’s  are usually made of silicone or some other very soft plastic. Some old school MAD’s were made of nothing but hard plastic and wire.

Something designed to prevent snoring should only be made of soft plastic or other comfortable materials so that it does not irritate your tongue or other things inside your mouth.

The entire tension problem is removed with one of these. This kind of solution just slips over the tip of your tongue and the other end usually rests on the outside of your lips.


resultsThis is where tongue retaining devices really shine. The highest effectiveness is claimed to at least 80% with roughly half to two thirds of those actually eliminating their snoring problem. That’s pretty impressive compared to any MAD.

A lot of people start researching TRD’s because they want to find something that will keep them away from a CPAP system.

For years CPAP systems have been a last resort for those with sleep apnea. They are saved as a last resort because of the high cost and serious problems that are commonly seen with them, such as anxiety and panic attacks.

Some sleep apnea sufferers have been able to switch from a CPAP system to a TRD. That is how strong this solution can be.

There are tons of anti-snoring oral appliances on the market now, but not all of them work effectively.

You will discover more than a few garbage products available on the marketplace. Just read my reviews so that you don’t have to find out for yourself which ones are junk. Oh, just a tip, the most expensive solutions aren’t always the best. Trust me on this one.

My Experience

The tongue retaining device is my preferred snoring solution. I have tried just about everything out there that I am aware of and I know how well each one works.

Make sure you read my post about the Good Morning Snore Solution, it completely solved my snoring problem and I continue to use one to this day. Additionally, it happens to be on the top of the list of TRD’s.

One unique advantage of using this kind of device is that it economically treats multiple causes of snoring.

Other treatments frequently concentrate on only one cause or another. The same is true of TRD’s, but since the tongue is so large compared to other structures in the mouth you can usually compensate for any other issues that might be making you snore.

This kind of treatment may even help you if you sleep with your mouth open. In this case the TRD keeps you from snoring by keeping everything in the proper place.

Just think about it for a second if you don’t believe me. Try moving your tongue without moving your jaw. You can’t do it can you? Now do you see what I mean?

It’s very simple proof that TRD’s can work very well for many people. I’m not trying to make this kind of solution out to be some sort of miracle, but it just flat out works very well in a variety of situations.

Don’t Gag Yourself

What I am saying is just use your common sense. In the event you cannot breathe through your nose because of your allergies, sinus problems, or a cold then do not use a mouthpiece until you are better.

Trying to sleep with something in your mouth when you are congested is just a bad idea. You are just asking to gag yourself all night.

Again, I’m speaking from experience. If you can’t breathe through your nose you can try using nasal strips or something similar to help you until you recover.

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